Botswana Travel Guide

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One of the greatest places on earth to experience nature, wildlife, and breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes is Botswana. This nation provides countless chances for exploration and adventure, from the stunning rivers and deltas to the well-known Kalahari Desert, which is vast and arid.

Explore the immense splendor of the well-known Chobe National Park in Botswana, which is home to the largest concentration of elephants in Africa. Savor experiences like thrilling river cruises, superb game drives, outstanding birdwatching, and breathtaking photo ops. Discover Savute, a secluded and untamed area of Chobe National Park that reaches the Linyanti River and the park’s northern borders. The pristine Okavango Delta awaits you on the next leg of your journey. Known as “the river that never finds the sea,” the crystalline channels with their papyrus-fringed banks and lush floating islands crisscross the Kalahari’s thirstlands.

Explore Botswana on a Bushmen Walk

Joining a local San Bushman for a walk through the Kalahari landscape can give you a unique perspective on the culture and profound understanding of the land that these aboriginal people possess. Storytellers, scientists, anthropologists, and general travelers all have a great deal of admiration and curiosity for the San bushmen of the Kalahari.

Because of this widespread belief, strolling with the San is an exciting opportunity to learn about some of humanity’s most inventive survival techniques. The walk is a tactile exploration that includes food tastings (such as berries and fire-roasted beetles) and hands-on activities like dancing, fire-making, hunting, and medicine-making.

Safaris on the Water in the Delta

One of the most tranquil experiences you will ever have is riding a mokoro. As you glide along silently, your guide will point out gorgeous lilies, small painted reed frogs, and goliath herons. Hippos need not fear—the poler gently taps the side of the mokoro to alert them to the approaching human presence! It’s the classic “vehicle” for game viewing in the Okavango Delta, bringing you closer to the creatures in “the Venice of safari.”

Kala Camp, which is located in the lovely permanent wetlands of the northern Okavango, provides a traditional water safari experience all year round.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

This remote spot is the second largest in the world, and it’s enormous. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which is made up of dunes, sparse deserts, ancient salt pans, and fossilized river valleys, never ceases to amaze tourists with its expansive terrain and the adaptability of the local wildlife.

This reserve is rich in history, having been the ancestral home of the San Bushmen. If you know where to look, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is full of hidden treasures, like elephants and lions that have adapted to live in the desert.
To make the most of this amazing place, it is advised that you explore this game reserve on a small group safari due to its remote location and vast land area.

Experience the Greatest Views of Predators In Botswana

A lot of grass indicates a lot of antelope. The largest crocodiles in Africa can be discovered where zebras, deer, and other animals come together to drink. Capable of remaining motionless for extended periods, they induce a false sense of security in their victims before swiftly striking them. Photographers take note: crocs never warn you when they’re going to move, and they have a strange way of doing something exciting right when you’re taking a sip of water or changing lenses. You’ll have to be alert around them. Go to Chobe; the luxuriant riverbanks and deep water make it ideal croc ecosystem.

The impressive thing about the predators in Botswana is not just their size, but also the groups they inhabit. Among the largest in Africa are the lions of the well-known Marsh Pride in the Savuti region of Chobe. They are incredibly strong hunters who have taken down elephants thanks to years of hard hunting in dense marshland and deep water. However, lions are fascinating even when they’re not hunting, which usually occurs late at night when you’re wrapped up in bed.

With regular sightings of leopards, Moremi Game Reserve is the place to be for big cat enthusiasts. Remarkably, this is the only area of the World Heritage Site Okavango Delta that is formally protected.

Of course, if you’re extremely fortunate, you might even see young leopards and lions learning how to survive in the wide world. Of all the cats, lions are the most gregarious, and their playful interactions can easily engross you.

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